A Concession Stand To Sell Your BBQ Specialties

Savory ribs, pulled pork, and grilled vegetables can be part of your lineup if you plan on opening up a BBQ concession stand. A mobile business will allow you to serve customers all over town instead of needing to wait for people to come to you. Purchase a concession trailer and cooking and storage equipment prior to beginning the journey that will lead you to a new financial venture.

Purchase A Trailer And BBQ Equipment

Some BBQ concession trailers come fully loaded and possess a rectangular shape that includes walls, flooring, and a ceiling. There are also flatbed trailer models, which may support a large hog cooker, a grilling rack, or a box grill. Although a flatbed model may be less expensive than a self-contained concession model, you will need to create a makeshift covering for an open model since hot, hazy sunshine or rain could interfere with your cooking success.

If you want to build your own concession stand and merely want to own a trailer that will support all of the equipment that you plan on purchasing separately, look into buying an empty new or used trailer that contains electrical hookups and central air and heating capabilities.

Decide what type of grilling equipment will be sufficient for the menu that you plan on offering to your customers. Be wary of overcrowding the trailer since you will need to have sufficient room for the storage of raw and cooked foods as well as ample room to set up trays or plates of food that you have sold to people.

Attach The Trailer, Set Prices, And Prepare For The Journey

If your truck or SUV lacks a towing system, purchase a tow bar and have it professionally installed. Attach your concession trailer to the towing apparatus. Decide how much you will charge your patrons for each of the items that are listed on your menu. Prepare a menu and have copies of it made. Hand out the copies to people you encounter and post one of the menus in one of the windows of your concession trailer.

Decide upon the venues or public locations that you would like to sell your food at. Beaches, public parks, shopping centers, and fairs are some places that you can visit regularly. Plan upon driving through each area, parking your vehicle, and setting up your stand for a couple hours. Keep track of how much business you do and return to the venues or public places that prove to be the most profitable. 

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