3 Ways A Muffler Repair Shop Can Extend Your Muffler's Life

When most people think about their car's muffler, they think of its noise-reduction abilities. Unmuffled engines are uncomfortably loud to be around, and they can drown out important sounds like ambulance sirens and horn honks from other drivers. Although sound dampening is one of the main purposes of a muffler, mufflers also play a role in engine performance by modulating the backpressure created by the exhaust system. A functional muffler extends engine life and increases a vehicle's efficiency. Since mufflers are so important, many auto repair shops offer muffler repair to keep them in perfect condition.

Rust-Proofing Options

If you live anywhere with snowy winters, you are likely familiar with driving on slushy, salty roads. Municipalities salt roads to keep them from freezing over after a snowstorm, but the salt they use has a significant drawback: it increases the rate at which vehicles rust. As cars drive over salted roads, the wet salt pelts their undercarriages, where it can make a small rust issue into a big problem. Since mufflers sit along the bottom of the undercarriage, they may be prone to serious rust damage. 

Muffler repair shops often offer rust prevention treatments. These treatments typically consist of an oily spray that protects the muffler and other areas of the undercarriage from rust damage caused by salty slush and water exposure.

Timely Repairs for Small Parts

A vehicle's muffler is attached to the body of the vehicle with bands and clamps. These small parts are essential to the integrity of the muffler and exhaust system. Occasionally, a loose rock or other road debris can damage these parts, making them loose or entirely ineffective. In the worst-case scenario, a muffler can start to drag across the road due to the damage. 

Muffler repair shops check for loose bands, clamps, and bolts during maintenance inspections. They replace these small, inexpensive parts in order to prevent expensive damage or early muffler replacements.

Muffler Body Repairs

On the undercarriage of a vehicle, mufflers are exposed to all kinds of road hazards. While small rocks may only damage small parts, larger road debris can cause damage to the muffler itself. Mufflers can also become damaged after a vehicle is bottomed-out at the top of a steep incline. While some damage is impossible to repair, many muffler shops can repair even large cracks that compromise the efficiency or sound-dampening abilities of a muffler. These repairs extend the lifespan of moderately damaged mufflers.

To learn more about muffler maintenance, contact a muffler repair shop in your area.

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