Updating The Exhaust System On Your Vehicle

When your exhaust system needs repair, taking the car to a muffler repair shop makes sense. The technician at the shop can look over the system, let you know what exhaust system service is needed, and help you decide what course of action you want to take. 

Muffler Replacement

The muffler on your car is typically the first part of the exhaust system that needs repair. Condensation from the exhaust can settle in the bottom of the muffler and cause it to rust from the inside out. A muffler service can replace just the muffler for you using the stock replacement muffler or an upgraded part that will better withstand rust. 

There are some aluminum and stainless steel muffler options that are more rust-resistant on the market, but the cost will be higher than a stock replacement part, so you may want to discuss the options with the muffler service before you spend the money on one of these mufflers. There are also mufflers available that are painted with an aluminum-like coating that can help prevent rust and are a little more reasonably priced. 

If you want to get a little more performance out of your car, you could use a high-flow muffler that allows more exhaust gas to move through it faster and helps the engine breathe a little better, increasing the horsepower a bit. These mufflers work better when replacing the entire system, but they can add a few horsepowers when installed as replacement parts.

Exhaust System Repairs

When you take your car in for muffler repair, having the entire exhaust system checked for rust holes, damage, or leaks is essential. If the muffler has a hole in it, other parts of the system could be old enough to have issues as well. 

Someone may have changed the muffler on the car before, and if they replaced the muffler without any other work, the exhaust system could be twice as old as the muffler you are currently replacing. Checking all the joints and connections, the pipes that connect the engine to the muffler, and the tailpipes can help you find damage or leaks that need to be fixed before they get too bad. 

If there is damage to the system, replacing the entire exhaust system is a good option. The muffler service will most likely have the pipes, muffler, and other parts on hand unless you drive a rare car, and then they can typically order the parts for you. 

Once the car is on the lift in the shop, removing and replacing the entire exhaust system can be completed in a few hours and will often last for several years. 

Contact a local auto shop to get help with muffler services and other exhaust system repairs.

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